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Getting Started on the Internet

Surf School: The basics of Web searching
Newbies Anonymous:
Life on the Internet: Exploring the Internet:
Newbie Cybercourse:
Beginners Central:
Internet Term Glossary:
Internet Help Desk:
Folks Online:
Netiquette for Newsgroups:

Helpful Links

The Rodrigues Textbook Homepage: The Research Paper and The Worldwide Web
Kris' Research Links: Specialized research links on many subjects
Netiquette for Newsgroups/Mailing Lists:
Dave Barry's Emoticon Gallery:
Emoticons and Common Internet Abbreviations Explained:
AltaVista Search Engine: Use AltaVista's Simple or Advanced Search to find what you're looking for
Webcrawler: Use Webcrawler with Boolean search terms to find stuff!
Mapquest: Find any U.S. address (they'll draw you a map!)
Switchboard: Look up names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses
BigBook: Find businesses by place, category, or name across the U.S.

Kris Bigalk Keeney
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