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Kris Bigalk

Writing Consultations/Tutoring
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Writing Consultations/Tutoring

I have taught college-level English and education classes since 1990, and also student-taught at the high school level.  I am very interested in my subject area, especially in the areas of creative writing and literature.  I also have a strong background in teaching Freshman Composition, and authored a textbook used in that class.
I have two Master's degrees--one in teaching English, the other in creative writing.  I have always held a particular interest in learning styles, and in tailoring my teaching to meet the needs of my students' learning styles.
More about my background in writing is detailed on the Freelance Writing and Resume portions of the site.  Suffice to say that I have a good eye for editing, and many students, colleagues, and clients have benefitted from my writing and editing suggestions.
Below are some samples of consulting and tutoring projects.  If you have an idea you would like to discuss, please contact me for a free half-hour initial consultation.

- Providing feedback on all types of writing
- Providing aspiring writers with resources and guidance
- Assessing high school students' readiness for college-level writing   
- Teaching people how to write research papers
- Teaching people to write poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction
- Teaching people how to revise, edit, and proofread their own writing
- Teaching people how to write effective business correspondence

Consultations/Tutoring:  $50/contact hour
Custom Curriculum Design: $30/hour

For more information on services, or to set up an appointment, please fill out the following form.  Kris will contact you very soon!

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