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Learning Styles and Online Learning
Independent and Dependent Learning Styles
Participant/Avoidant Learners
Collaborative/Competitive Learners
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In our module, you identified your learning styles and then learned about how those learning styles relate to online courses. Now it's time to design your strategies for your own personal success in this online class.

For this module, you will write a short essay. Your essay will answer the following two questions. Be sure your answers are written in complete sentences, and that your answers are developed and organized (see grading rubric below):

- Identify your learning styles. Are you a more independent or dependent learner? Are you a more competitive or collaborative learner? Are you a more participatory or avoidant learner? Include your scores.

- Read over the pages on this site that relate to each learning style combination, and review the PowerPoint presentations on the learning styles,if necessary. Then, in your essay, outline your plan for maximizing your learning style strengths in relation to online classes, and what strategies you will use to overcome issues associated with your learning style(s) in an online environment.

Your e-mail will be graded on the following:

20 points = Identifying your learning styles, according to the question above.

50 points = Outlining specific strategies that will maximize your learning in the class.

30 points = Writing and proper formatting, based on the information given in your textbook on composition of e-mail.

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What's Your Style? Powerpoint

Can't view the PowerPoint presentations? Here's a link to the free PowerPoint Viewer