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Ultrasound Photos
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Ultrasound Photos from Week 11 - Due Date!

Our first ultrasound was done in the ER at Methodist Hospital, after Kris was in a mini-van accident.  While she was there, the doctor did an ultrasound to make sure the "baby" was OK, and we found that BOTH babies were OK!  Unfortunately, the ultrasound machine in the ER was so old that it couldn't take photos, but Mike and Kris will always remember that first glimpse of two little babies in two little bubbles...

Here are some ultrasound images from our first official OB Ultrasound, on June 14th, 2005.  The ultrasound showed the babies were about 11 weeks, 4 days old, and 4.6 centimeters long.  Baby A's heart rate was 162, and Baby B's was 167 beats per minute.  Baby A seems more active than Baby B, and it was hard to get him/her to sit still for a photo--but Baby B just relaxed and took a little rest, so you can see him/her a bit better.

Baby A, waving, running, etc....


Baby B, who gets the top of the uterus, taking it easy...


This is a "long shot" of both babies' sacs.  They're so far apart in the uterus right now that we can't get them both in one picture!  The doctor says that means they are probably fraternal, but I guess we'll see when the day comes!


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