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Soft Copy: Collecting, Correcting and Returning Virtual Papers
Using E-mail | Using Blackboard | Plagiarism Detection | Practice Exercises
Kris Keeney
Normandale Community College
I-TEACH Conference Interactive Workshop
April 20, 2002

In this workshop, attendees will learn several different methods of collecting and returning papers online. In
addition, there will be a hands on workshop where participants will learn how to use Microsoft Word's
Reviewing toolbar to review student papers, and a
demonstration of plagiarism detection software. By
going "paperless," instructors can:

1) easily retain copies of corrected work;
2) send papers back to students immediately;
3) avoid problems with handwriting;
4) detect plagiarism;
5) save some trees!

Check out these examples of student papers corrected using Word's Reviewing Toolbar (you must have Word 97 or higher to view these files).

Example 1

Example 2