Learning Styles and Online Learning

Independent and Dependent Learning Styles

Independent and Dependent Learning Styles
Participant/Avoidant Learners
Collaborative/Competitive Learners
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Independent Learners

Independent Learners usually do very well in online courses, because online courses require students to learn more independently than "traditional" courses. Also, college courses in general reward independent learners, so as college students mature, they generally lean toward a more independent learning style.

Sometimes, however, if a learner is TOO independent, he/she can get into trouble. For example, if an instructor assigns a paper on rabbits, and you decide that rabbits are boring and you're going to write your paper on moles instead, you will have a problem. Though your paper on moles would undoubtedly be an excellent paper, it is not what the instructor asked for. So, if you are an independent learner, be sure to include a strategy that includes checking in with the instructor from time to time, to make sure that you haven't veered off track.

Resources for Independent Learners

Check out these resources for independent learners.

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Dependent Learners

In online classes, Dependent Learners can become scared and frustrated--so they will need to have some solid strategies in place to avoid these feelings. Dependent learners rely on teachers to tell them what is important, as well as what needs to be done and when. Online courses, as a rule, do not provide that sort of support to learners. While most instructors welcome questions, they do not have the time or resources to interact with students individually on a daily basis (many instructors have over 150 students per semester).

If you are a dependent learner, consider implementing strategies that will remind you of due dates and other important course events. Also think about taking a course or a tutorial in study skills, time management, and/or reading a textbook, since these skills will help you become a more independent, confident learner. Finally, be sure you read and understand the syllabus; after familiarizing yourself with your instructor's policies and availability, set up a system that fits your comfort level.

Resources for Dependent Learners

Free Reminder Services
These free reminder services will send you text messages, e-mails, or both, to remind you of due dates and other important course events. All you have to do is take your syllabus and enter the dates and times into the boxes. Check them out!


Free SMS Text Reminders

Hassle Me (www.hassleme.co.uk)


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